Connecting golfers, courses & travel industry.

The missing puzzle part for the travel industry, great comfort for the golfer and the most important sales and distribution channel for the golf courses. That’s what OGOLFO stands for.

The OGOLFO Solution

OGOLFO connects direct to the tee sheet software of the individual golfcourse and displays it in the midoffice software of the travel agency. Seamlessly integrated, it offers a great comfort to book the desired tee time for the golfer according to their flights, hotels or their holiday packages.

Golf Course

We are opening a market for you of almost 70.000 Travel Agencies in Europe with only one signed contract!
We are the leading sales partner of green fee bookings for Travel Agencies.
Now Yield Management makes really sense for you as a big distribution channel is connected!
Bookings arrive automatically into your tee sheet software without time consuming email or telephone consulting. Connect your golf course now with OGOLFO.


Golfers have now the possibility to book Green Fees with exact timings at their preferred travel agency together with other components of their travel: Hotel, Rental Car, Flights, etc.
Great comfort, rating of golf courses from golfers for golfers and many more features.
All in real time and with the latest rates! After booking the tee times the golf customer will immediately receive their green fee voucher and their integrated travel itinerary.

Travel Agency

Seamlessly integrated in your midoffice software, it is only another click to easily book the tee time for your golf clients. Now you can professionally consult your client to select the perfect described golf course. You can choose the courses by location, points of interest, rating and many more. Your customer will be happy to receive a complete travel plan including their tee time reservations. Certainly, the travel agencies will have a continuous support and webtraining through OGOLFO.

Explore OGOLFO!
You will love it.

One golf booking & marketing solution for the whole travel market.

OGOLFO is more than just a software.

OGOLFO offers various possibilities to promote your golf course and destination to a huge distribution channel at the Point of Sale, the Travel Agencies. You can choose between Newsletters, Placement in a Golf Course Brochure, Banners and much more. OGOLFO helps you also to further increase your occupancy rate in low seasons through dedicated Sales Push activities to the Travel Trade Industry early in advance or on a last minute basis.

Your Advantages

This Is One Amazing Solution

Easy, realtime booking system for greenfees.

The Team

Gunnar Maier

Gunnar Maier

The „sales guy“
in our team was leading the biggest Arab Airline, Emirates for the past 5 years in Germany and made them the number one in the market. Gunnar is very well connected in the tourism as well as in the golf and luxury industry.

Marcus Berthold

The „IT brain”.
His whole career was driven by IT, web and e-commerce projects. With his own company he developes and is managing various online platforms, e-commerce and e-booking projects for some big companies in germany.

Connect Your Golf Business Now!

OGOLFO is going online mid 2019.


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